General Duty Conveyor Belt

Geanx manufactures a wide range of rubber conveyor belts for various sectors, such as mining, coal handling, stone crushers & quarries, ports, etc. industries where there is a requirement for a robust conveyor belt, having excellent cut, abrasion and gouge resistance. These belts can be supplied in different carcasses, namely, cotton, Nylon-Nylon, Polyester-Nylon (EP), Aramid & Steel Cord.

We are the leading General Duty Conveyor Belt Manufacturers In India.

Besides the conventional M24 Grade Belting, which is a universally accepted product, our EMERY Grade Belting, having 40% superior Abrasion Resistance, is popular, and well suited for applications, where highly abrasive materials are handled, in the quarry and mining applications. For handling metal scrap, or any other applications, where longitudinal cutting of the belt is a challenge, we have on offer, fabric belts with transverse steel breakers, from our Tear-Guard range, which has proven to be 96% effective in preventing longitudinal cuts.

Entrapment of material between the belt and drum, is a common problem, while handling ores, which can result in gouging of the belts. To address this issue, our General Duty Conveyor Belts, with M24 Grade, can be supplied with a specialist tear resistant fabric, which accommodates the foreign material that gets entrapped, and is flexible enough to restore its shape, once it passes the drum.

We have the ability to manufacture conveyor belts for your unique needs, so please brief our sales experts of your concerns, and we shall tailor a belt, to suite your unique requirements.



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