Sidewall Conveyor Belt

When used in high-capacity steep-angle conveying, Sidewall Conveyor Belt need to be able to handle the exceptionally high stress and the frequent bending that happens throughout the process. Because of this, the top Sidewall Belting Manufacturers In India purposefully engineer cross-stabilized base belts to deliver better stiffness values while having extremely low elongation. To ensure that the best quality polyester textiles get used in their construction. Since the late Eighties, Geanx Belting has been committed to the development of World Class Sidewall Conveyor Belts, and our products are now in use on practically all the Continents. We have been instrumental in popularizing this revolutionary technology in India and overseas markets. Thereby we have become the leading Sidewall Belting Exporters. We regularly produce sidewall belts up to 1800mm in width.”



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