Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belt made of steel cable and rubber often get used for the delivery of goods over extensive distances and with weights that need a high level of resistance. Conveyor belt made of a steel cable are also put to use in transportation systems that operate at high speeds over short distances. The take-up stroke for these conveyor belts only needs to be a few inches long.

The belt construction, which has a skeleton made of steel wires that get organized longitudinally, is resistant to fatigue because it flexes. Geanx Belting manufactures high-grade steel conveyor belts useful for all these applications. We are one of the most trusted Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Manufacturers In India.

There is a uniformity in the steel cables, and therefore the amount of strain born gets neutralised. With no longitudinal threads, the steel wire rubber conveyor belt can carry more weight while can incline more drastically. We supply the best cables which can offer longevity by reducing the strain. We’ve become one of the mostreliable <b>Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Suppliers.



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